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The MTI has been a staple of the Treasure Valley theatre community for the past 27 years! We perform 7 shows a year and rehearse 5 evenings a week. While it is a significant time commitment, you'll find no better performances by local talent than at the MTI. Our November auditions encompass the entire 2025 season, so if you want to be considered for any of the 2025 shows, you must audition in September.

What to except when joining the MTI Company:

  • Working with some of the most talented performers in Idaho

  • Rehearsing 5 nights a week, M-F starting @6:30pm

  • All company members spend time in the ensemble

  • Receiving training from degreed professionals in Voice, Dance, and Acting Performance.

  • All who audition must be available for at least 2 shows

  • Learning new skills and growing the ones you have

  • Making friendships that will last a lifetime!

Why MTI?

Company Member Testimonials  

Blak Frida Sale For Little Women

Two years ago we moved into a brand-new 5,000 square foot facility that houses our offices, rehearsals, shop and Academy classes. It also stores all of our scenery, props, and costumes, most of which we make in house. The size of the facility allows us to rehearse on our sets as we build them and leave plenty of room for other activities.

The shop portion allows us to build at any time, so we now rehearse Monday-Thursday evenings, with Work-Calls on Friday evenings. Other than the occasional dance rehearsal and move in week, the weekends will remain empty!

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