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Our Dreams Have Finally Come True!
Our New Facility Is Nearly Complete!

How Can You Help?

For the past 25 years, the Music Theatre of Idaho has been a leader in the community, producing high quality, family-centered entertainment at the Nampa Civic Center.  Most of you know that due to the continued deterioration of our present building (203 9th Ave. South), we have been planning a move for the  past couple of years.  Finally, last year, we found a property that was to be constructed and were able to secure a lease for our new space.  Our box office and rehearsal facilities will move to this new space (8626 Birch Lane, Suite 400.) later this month.  All of our fabulous productions will still be performed at the Nampa Civic Center.

Many of you are aware that this past year at our present location has been extremely challenging.  We lost a lot of personal property, due to the ceiling collapse in our rehearsal hall, and we weren’t able to rehearse at our building for the same reason.  To say we are anxious to begin this new adventure at the MTI, would be an understatement.  Every since we started talking to our dear patrons about this project, in curtain speeches and on line, you have been asking us “what can we do to help?”  After a lot of thought and discussion amongst our board members, we came up with a wish list of things that we need at our new building.  We know that you have a vested interest in our company, and some of you have been supporters for the whole 25 years of our existence.  This is why we want to give you the first chance to be on the team that helped our community centered facility come true.  We want to continue our tradition of high quality, excellently produced musicals.  We feel that our new facility will be key in making that happen.  It’s not going to be “State of the Art,” but it’s going to be clean, dry and safe for all our community of company members.  

We’d like to give you the opportunity to help bring our new place “up to snuff” and fully functional, in the next couple of months.  To that end, we’ve attached our “Wish List” with a variety of items and commitment levels for you to consider.  We wish we could offer you great rewards, or awesome prizes for helping us.  But what we can give you is a tax receipt, and the knowledge that you have helped sustain high quality arts in our community.  Oh, and we also plan on having some really cool donor plaques with your name emblazed upon them, to hang in our rehearsal hall—and we’ll note them in our programs as well.  

So, take a look at our wish list, and if you are able, please help us out.  We will be forever grateful and we promise to keep producing the best quality art possible for the next 25 years and beyond.   If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to telephone us at 208-468-2385.  


Thank you for your Continued Support!

New One.tiff

Dawn Howell
Hellen Root
Paul Bingham
Sue Estes 

Jennifer Morgan 
Lois Buck
Jeremy  Payne
Marie Riggs


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